Genocide Prevention Week 2021: From the Authors

The students who have contributed to this newspaper share their message.

We’ve written this newspaper because we think that young people (and everyone else too) need to know about the Holocaust and other genocides. If genocide is ever to be prevented then it will be because enough people know about how and when it has happened in the past. We must make sure that the memory of those who perished is preserved and that survivors are honoured. At a time with genocide denial is on the rise we see our newspaper as our contribution to keeping truth alive. We hope that this newspaper will be read by lots of people and that it will go some way to raising awareness.

We have a lot of people to thank for their help in making this newspaper possible. A huge thank you to everyone who has giving us their time, wisdom and expertise. We hope that you think that we have done a good job in creating a newspaper that can raise awareness of the issues that you are so passionate about.

We would also like to thank our teachers for all their help. They have worked in their spare time to help us put together the newspaper. Thank you Mr Lawrence, Ms Riglin, Mr Benjamin, Mrs Sinaguglia, Miss West, Mr Sherrin, Ms Costa, Mr Kennedy.

We hope that you think that our newspaper is something meaningful and that you will share it with people you know. Thank you.

Charlotte, Jedd, Ben, Nayaaz, Charles, Oskar, Luke, Hannah, Jack, Ben, Liam, Maxim, Sam, Sicily, Jahzara, Will, Euan, Henry, Aadam, Tristan, Gabriel, Isaac, Melan, Toby, Tom, Josh, Julena, Felix, Mulki, Lucas, Gregor, Ali, Harley, Phoebe, Oscar, Jamie, Zayn, Theo, Mateo, Suryaksh, Luis. Laura, Isabella, Iliana, Mariangela , Daniel, Omer, Freddie, Jake, Suryaksh, Harley, Theo, James, Luis, Mara, Tino, Miranda, Abi, Reuben, Dilnaz, Rishi, Jonathan, Zayn, Anton, Luke, Siana, Mia, Taran, Toby, Kaiden, Joe, Zeph, Adam, Charlie

The team that has created this newspaper is drawn from the following schools across the country and in the USA:

Bedminster Down School, Belle Vue Girls’ Academy, Claverham Community College, Enfield County School For Girls, Hampton School

School, Royal Liberty School, Scarsdale High School, St Edward’s School, Turing House School

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