Lindsey Hilsum – Why Learn About Genocide?

Lindsey Hilsum, International Editor of Channel 4 News shares why she thinks it is important to learn about genocide. 

Luke, Hannah and Charlotte, from Turing House School and Claverham Community College respectively spoke to three prominent public figures about why it was important to learn about the Holocaust and other genocides. Here is what Lindsey Hilsum, International Editor of Channel 4 News and renowned author and journalist had to say:  

I think it’s more important than ever that young people know about genocide, be- cause how else can future generations learn from history? You might think it’s obvious when a genocide is being committed but it’s not: when I was in Rwanda in 1994, I knew massacres were happening, but it took me nearly two weeks to understand that this was a systematic attempt to wipe out the Tutsis. If I had known more about genocide, maybe I would have realised sooner. If journalists like me had called it genocide earlier, maybe there would have been more pressure on world leaders to intervene. So the most important thing young people can do is educate themselves about the Armenian genocide, the Holocaust, the Killing Fields of Cambodia and about Rwanda. What about the current killings in the Ethiopian province of Tigray, the persecution of the Rohingya in Myanmar and the suppression of the Uyghurs in China’s western province of Xinjiang? Some would say atrocities there amount to genocide. All this needs to be studied – by young people as well as those who are older.

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