Survey: What do young people think about genocide?

We conducted a survey of students at our school. What do young people think about genocide today? 

Ninety three percent of young people want our country to act to prevent genocide.

A recent survey of 132 secondary school students has shown that young people see genocide education as vital and that our country should actively find out about and intervene to stop genocides from taking place. The answers showed that whilst the vast majority had heard of the Holocaust there was less knowledge about other genocides. Only 2% of respondents had heard of the genocide in Darfur, 8% knew about the genocides in Cambodia and Bosnia respectively, whilst 30% had heard of the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Nevertheless, 96% of respondents said that they thought that all young people should learn about the Holocaust and other genocides at school. Clearly, young people think that we should take a lead in preventing genocide. An overwhelming majority believe that Britain should have experts who assess where the next genocide might take place and that we should intervene (93%).

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