Welcome to our new website: please join our #genocideknowmore campaign!

We’re really proud to launch our #genocideknowmore campaign. Our aim is to help other young people like ourselves to find out more about the Holocaust and other genocides…and to help prevent them from happening again.

We’ve been lucky enough to meet remarkable survivors who have told us about their horrific experiences. Hearing the testimony of Zigi Shipper, Bea Green, Sokphal Din, Sophie Masereka, Eric Murangwa, Kemal Pervanic, Safet Vukalic and other incredible people has inspired us to launch our awareness raising campaign. Our research has told us that there are big gaps in what young people like us know about the Holocaust and other genocides – we would like to help students our age know more about what people like Zigi, Sophie and Sokphal went through. Similarly, learning how the promise of ‘Never Again’ was broken time and again…and seeing the atrocities that keep happening in our world has made us determined to take action.

So, that is why our campaign is called #genocideknowmore – we want young people to know more…and to say ‘no more’ to the scourge of genocide and other mass atrocities that blight our world.

…and we would be so pleased if you could join our campaign. It would be great if you could take a look at some of the news stories that we have written and spread the word about them. Similarly, please do glance through our booklet which features the stories of some of the remarkable survivors who we have met and why we think it is important to learn about their experiences in the Holocaust or other genocides.

Please do leave us a message here on our website or on twitter (@genocide80twenty) and tell us why you think it is important for young people to learn about the Holocaust and other genocides. It would be great to hear from you.

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